Culloden Hotel Outdoor Wedding

Culloden Hotel Outdoor Wedding

From the wedding photographs, you can see how beautiful Naomi looks but what you can't see is how beautiful she also is as a person.  She laughed and smiled from the moment we arrived.  When a bride is chilled out, relaxed and excited, the vibe ripples throughout the day.  Everything ran so smoothly and this was one of the most chilled out weddings we have covered.  

Red velvet tux on groom Oliver and his party got ready in the Culloden Hotel.  He wore a red velvet tux which was very regal looking and suited his Egyptian heritage. 

Groom in Culloden Hotel

Groomsmen getting ready Lynda captured the boys at the hotel in the room and then they went down enjoy some espresso martini's

Culloden Hotel getting ready

Now I have to warn you, there are lots of images of NaomI getting ready.  Her copper toned red hair was amazing.  Olivers sister  Shaia  did all the hairs and make up's and still had time to be the bridesmaid on the day.  She works on movies like Game of thrones sets, so she is creative and fast.   Her details are at the bottom of this post.

Big red bridal hair Naomi wanted a very loose put up so that she could then wear her hair down for the dancing.  

Copper bridal hair

Logans dress There was a Logan's bag beside the dress, so I am presuming this is where it came from.  May have to amend that later when I confirm with Naomi.

Red loose bridal curls laughing bride Just ready and got the shoes on when the flowers arrived from Floral Earth.  They were so beautiful, they had Naomi in tears. 

Floral earth bouquet with red haired bride All ready and time to walk down the stairs to reveal to Dad. 

Walking down stairs to dad Then it was time to leave for the Culloden.  The bridesmaids wore sparkly gold dresses which shimmered when the light hit them. 

Gold glitter dresses on bridesmaids

We arrived at the Culloden hotel and Naomi really wanted her service outdoors on the patio area.  It was a bit windy and she took a big risk on the morning of the wedding to say - build the floral arch outside.  When we arrived, there were a few black clouds and a few tips of rain.  But as her dad took her by the hand to walk her down the stone steps, the winds stopped and the rain dried up

Dad walking bride down the aisle

Outdoor wedding in Culloden hotel northern ireland

The white carpet runner was covered in petals as she walked up the aisle.  The floral arch created the perfect backdrop for the beautiful service, but nothing took away from the absolute beauty of the bride herself. 

Getting married outdoors at the Culloden Hotel  The register was signed, it was all official

Outdoor wedding at the Culloden As they prepared to walk down the aisle, some of the men at the back, gathered the petals on the aisle and as they walked, the guys threw the petals at the coupe and it was so romantic and great for wedding photographs,

We got married outside in northern ireland

At the bottom of the aisle, the tips of rain started again, Karen from the hotel handed the couple champagne and we all made our way into the reception at the Hollywood Suite.  The entrance was draped in a flower wall and we just had to use it for a few shots

Flowerwall for photographs

Champagne reception at the culloden hotel Happy couple with both sets of parents at the flower wall before we took a little tour of the hotel.

All the parents

Fun getting married at Culloden I loved photographing this wedding as there was so much fun and laughter and the candid shots were so full of life.  Added to this, Naomi was very fashion conscious and give us some time to do some posed fashion styled images.   When you have red hair and red soled Louboutin shoes, you just have to show them off. This is probably my favourite shot from the day

Red hair red louboutin shoes 

Louboutins at culloden  The style and beauty at the wedding was fabulous- just had to get a shot of some of the beauties

Bride and friends at culloden Then it was indoors for a few shots

Front door of culloden

Arched window in the Culloden

The meal was served in the Hollywood Suite.  The room was styled by the uber talented Sarah B at SBD.  The Dior chairs with the rose gold metal and cream lather were the perfect choice with fully draped walls with fairy lights and the floral arch for the service was perfect for the huge pure white elegant cake.  

Dior chairs in culloden hotel

When Naomi walked into the room she ran through it screaming with excitement as she saw the finished piece and ran straight to her wedding cake.  Purplebox Productions were capturing all the movement for the video and this will be a fab piece of footage.  We will share their video on Facebook when it is ready.   There were lots of great video moments on the day - like the impromptu "Baby Shark" rendition from the bridal party and strangely, another impromptu version from the friends.  

Room entrance at culloden hotel


Bestman speech

During the drinks reception the guests were entertained with a Mowtown band who played smooth easy listening music.  These guys also played the first dance and the entertainment for the night.  They were totally amazing.  I really did not want to leave.  With the fishbowls of Gin swirling at the tables to the guests swirling on the dance floor - it was the best ticket party going on in Belfast that night. 

Dancing the night away at the culloden

Remember that red hair - well she took it down for the evening and we had to finish off with a romantic shot overlooking Belfast Lough.

Night time wedding at the culloden

I will get all the suppliers details over the coming days and place them here but in the meantime:

Reception:         Culloden Hotel and Spa

Flowers:            Floral Earth

Room Styling:  SBD (Sarah B)

Video:               Purplebox Productions

Hair/ MakeUp.  Shaia Hassey

Entertainment.  Mowtown Sensations

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