Pets and Family Portraits

Pets and Family Portraits

Tuesday 14th August was the most difficult day when I held my Lucy Pup (almost equivalent to 100 years old but always a puppy to me) in my arms as they put her to sleep after a long slow decline in health.  The level of grief I felt was shocking to me and I am still feeling it even as I write this blog in disbelief. 

I had written a very long detailed story of her life from Christmas, cried and bawled and then deleted and gave you all the very short version above instead.  No one needs to know all the details, all the memories and fun.  Its amazing that the first thing I wanted was photographs of her.  It is the same when any of our family members pass away.  We hold onto the photographs to keep their image alive.

Lucy white

This image was taken in full health before the eyes got clouded.    I have tortured everyone this last week and I know my family will be "would she ever shut up about that dog".  But this is me giving her a little testimonial and it will stay on the web long after I am gone.

Lucy Canvas

One week later and I am dumbfounded that I even let this happen.  Everyone around me told me the best thing was to get a new dog into the house.  I swore never again.  Then my niece Anna told me that the lonliness she felt was so deep.  I knew I needed to bring another little life into our home.  Trip to Newry to a breeder.  I knew it had to be a boy and a different breed for me to accept it.  Anna has beautiful red hair, so when this Cockapoo had identical shades to her, we knew he was ours

Sleepy head

He needed named and although he was born under the sign of Gemini, I got him during my own starsign of Leo - so Leo who is the same colour as a Lion arrived at our house.  When we were with the owners, there was a choice of two pups.  I wanted to take both of them but that was just not practical.  We hated leaving the other little brother there.  When we got home, my sister in law Aine feel so in love that she travelled straight to Newry and picked up  his little brother.


Meet the very handsome Cooper.   The following day we brought both of them into the studio to see how they would get on outside of their original home.  It was just adorable.  Lynda our Pet photographer stole them both for a half an hour to start documenting their lives in photographs.  We just love love love what she created.  We now have all the family booked in for a shoot to welcome the boys into the Burke households.   Flick through and enjoy

Walking buddies

Brother love Can you believe it, we got to almost stay together.  This could be fun

CAMB6063 Cooper is a bit bigger than Leo - so he starts off with a protective hug

Leo and cooper We are two very handsome pups if I say so myself

CAMB6015 Not sure if I like this sitting about says Leo as he looks like Eeyore in this shot

Another looper Woohoo lets be puppies - guess which one is the mental one at the back ......Leo

Cooper bath Cooper so good posing in the bathtub

Cooper on red Cooper working the red blanket.  Compliments his colours so well

Leo 2 Leo has had enough.  Time for sleep

After a week of an emotional rollercoaster I think everyone should capture a family portrait with their cherished pet.  For the rest of this month, I am going to run a family pet promotion.   Less than Half price portrait session with framed portrait normally £95 -for this month £40

CALL the office on 02890 611 488 to book in for an appointment or

Text PUP to 07590046217

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