Cabra Castle Weddings

Cabra Castle Weddings

Cabra Castle... an amazing wedding venue.

This is a must view wedding venue and one that has to be booked well in advance.  

There is a rule called the 10,000 hour rule.

The writer Malcolm Gladwell states— The principle holds that 10,000 hours of "deliberate practice" are needed to become world-class in any field.

Cabra castle cover weddings most days of the week and have done for many years.  They have definitely broke the expert timescale and are world-class in their field.   When you book Cabra, you know you are in the hands of experts.  Your day will run smoothly, your food will be served on time, your guests will be treated as guests of the hotel.  You can sing, dance be merry and with the castle backdrop, it will be beautiful.

With this in mind you need to have a good photographer who knows this Castle in order to get the best out of it. With its extensive grounds, choice of rooms and photo opportunities your photographer must know the Castle, know how to create lighting within the recesses and corridors, plus meet the strict deadlines of having all this done before dinner is served. 

We have covered many weddings at Cabra Castle and therefore know all the great places to get photographs. We can work well with both natural light outside and bring along lighting that suits the castle setting.

Cabra Castle is also great for destination weddings. Many couples travel from America, Australia and Europe  to get married in this Fairytale Backdrop of a castle. With its excellent reviews, its a perfect destination to hold your perfect day.

When arriving at the grounds of Cabra, you are greeted by a huge tree lined driveway which leads up to the Castle with a golf course running alongside it. The photo opportunities are endless before even reaching the Castle. 

Cabra castle

Cabra castle car shot driveway

Cabra castle surroundings

We have even captured newlyweds arriving in style at the castle - by helicopter!

Cabra castle helicopter

Cabra castle veil bride groom

You then have outside the Castle, with the many different nooks and crannies surrounding the castle your photographer must know these well in order to optimise your time and get the most from the Castle's backdrop. 

Outside cabra castle bride and groom

Cabra castle outside surroundings courtyard

Cabra castle outside surroundings

Cabra castle outside surroundings bride groom

When out and about on the grounds of Cabra Castle you will see their Irish Wolfhound Oscar walking about. He is totally oblivious to the fact that a wedding is taking place and strolls into photographs nonchalantly as you like.  Most people find this very amusing and he becomes the unofficial member of the bridal party  at many weddings.

Cabra castle irish wolfhound

Cabra castle famous dog irish wolfhound wedding

I always find the sound of bagpipes make me feel a bit emotional.  Every time a couple arrive at the castle, the resident Bagpiper, pipes them into the castle.  Red carpet, fairytale castle, flowing white dress of the bride and the sounds of bagpipes - it never fails to catch emotions in the heart.

Cabra castle bag piper

Steps red carpet cabra castle

Cabra castle red carpet

Entrance to cabra castle

Once you have entered the Castle not only do the staff greet you with champagne and a warm smile, but the very decor makes you feel like royalty. The central staircase is infamous in wedding photograph and a perfect place to start on the day.

Bride and groom staircase cabra castle long dress veil

Bridal party at cabra castle staircase

Cabra castle staircase

Bride and groom at staircase cabra castle

The staircase is over many floors and there are more angles to capture than you have time for on a day.  One of my dreams would be to have a full two hours to photograph at Cabra - it will never happen but there are more photo opportunities than you could ever do in one day.

Cabra castle balcony view

Staircase at cabra castle

Balcony staircase cabra castle

A personal favourite of mine within the Castle has to be the gold room, this is such a romantic setting for brides and grooms. Many styles can be created within this room including romantic and fashion styled photographs. 

Cabra castle gold room wedding bride

Cabra castle window wedding bride groom

Cabra castle golf room groom portrait painting

Cabra castle gold room

Cabra castle gold room wedding bride window

Another room that can be used within the Castle is the honeymoon suite - these luxurious rooms can used to get something different. They can also be used for bridal preparation photographs on the morning of the wedding if having the ceremony at the Castle. 

Cabra castle bedrooms wedding

These photographs were taken in the hot tub in the Castles honeymoon suite inside the main castle. 

Bedroom bath cabra castle bride groom 

Bedroom bath cabra castle

As with alot of castles, they present a ceremonial sword for the cutting of the cake.  Every groom becomes a little boy when he is handed a real sword to wield around.  A boy, a sword and a castle - its what dreams are made of for most grooms

Reception area cabra castle 

Cabra castle sword cutting of cake

Cabra castle wedding first dance love sign

At night when darkness falls, the lights of the trees around the castle come on and a totally different feel is created and an amazing opportunity for night time photography.

Nighttime cabra castle bride and groom steps red carpet

Cabra castle at night 

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