Claim your Thank You Gift

Claim your Thank You Gift


Thank you all so much.  We have reached 10,000 likes on our Facebook page!!!

As a way of saying thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this figure, we are giving away portrait sessions for only £10 through the month of September.  With an offer like this , it's the perfect time to have some beautiful photographs taken in the studio to celebrate your family life.  Time is moving at a phenomenal speed at the minute, we are all ultra busy and before you know it, children have grown up, parents are getting slower and life has moved on.

Portrait Photograph

Lots of people put off the family portrait with the  excuse of "I want to loose weight", I want to wait until..... At £10 offer there are no excuses - Have a fun day out. Record your family history. Time passes so fast. We live in a changing world. These are the good times. Remember to capture it.

Family Portrait

Get the family together.  Take the day off work.  Make it a special family day.  Have the portrait taken, enjoy a beautiful lunch, do something fun with the children.  When this portrait is hung on your family wall, everyone will be brought back to a very happy time and place. Is someone going off to University this year, has your first born just started secondary school.  Capture your family together now.  Life changes so quickly. Capture now and keep the memory precious forever.

Family portrait parents and children

Family portrait mum dad daughter son

Mum dad and daughter portrait

Generation Portraits

Include the grandparents in your family portrait.  How precious will a photograph of the grandparents with your children be in the future.   You can choose to create special memories of you and your parents and your children.  Maybe your mother would love a photograph of herself with all her children and grandchildren.  Celebrate the family and the generations within it.  We will photograph many combinations and groups.  We get really busy with generation portraits from October onwards for Christmas.  If you are thinking of a shoot like this for Christmas, come in this month and get it rolling. Split the costs with your siblings and present mum with something amazing this Christmas.  

Generation portrait grandparents daughter and grandchild

Generation portrait photo all the girls

Granda and grandchildren portrait

Grandparents portrait


Children portraits cover from toddlers through to young adults, families grow in numbers and maturity and this is why we photograph children throughout their lives, capturing their changing personality and the great milestones in their lives. Take this opportunity to get give your child the gift of a portrait.  Capture a special area of their life, from sports, hobbies, friends, cousins or a classical timeless portrait.

Family portrait teenage boys

Dance portrait

Boy and skateboard portrait photo

Little girl minnie mouse pink car balloons birthday photo

Pregnancy Bump

Although it may not seem like it now, but your pregnancy will be over before you know it and you will cherish those moments for the rest of your life! This is a part of your life you will want to remember forever, when your were growing a gorgeous little baby inside of you! Celebrate this with a bump portrait that you can have forever. Even bring along other siblings and the Father to have them in the shoot with you. A little something for the memory book to show the little one when they are older.

Pregnancy bump photoshoot flowers wrap

Bump photo mother and daughter

Black and white pregnancy bump shoot


An engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity to practice your posing together. Some brides and grooms-to-be also have an engagement shoot in order to use the photographs on their wedding day for guest book, table numbers, etc or even for their wedding invitations.

You could also get the bridal party involved for a fun shoot and to get to know your photographer. You can practice styles, poses or just have fun with it! Use the photos for your 'meet the bridal party' leaflet on the day or as a nice framed gift to give to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. This could also be an opportunity to have the parents or grandparents in for a portrait with the bride or groom as a gift for them on the wedding day.

Engagement shoot


Have you recently complete a fitness transformation and want to show of those new muscles. Book in for your fitness portrait and have the photos to remember your progress at this stage.

Fitness photography boxercise

Black and white fitness photo


Do you or your children have a pet.  As an animal lover myself I know they are a vital part of the family. So don't leave them out of the family photograph - they are part of it. 

Little girl and her dog portrait

Jack russel animal portrait

The Session

The session will be on promotion for £10 through the month of September. This will give you 1 hour in the studio and comes with a 7x5" mounted print.  Get your thinking caps on and lets create some beautiful portraits and great memories and another chapter of your story. 

Private viewing of the photos in the studio 2 weeks after the shoot.

Text "ten" to 07590046217 and we will be in touch to get you booked in for your portrait session. 


Call 02890611488 to book an appointment directly



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