Why have a professional head shot?

Make sure you professional headshot is kept up to date.  You may need it at short notice.  Regardless of where you want to place a corporate head shot, whether it is your company website, a magazine ad, your business card, your Linked In Profile Page or even your social media page . first impressions are made from this image.  What does your image say about you.   Are you sending out the right message?. 

The whole experience can be great fun.  Our aim is to capture your personality or the message you are trying to portray. So remember to bring along your own personality to the shoot and have fun.   You want to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. 

Our recent customer wanted to achieve a professional looking headshot that also showed a bit of her personality. Emma Lyons opened her own law practice in 2015 on the Falls Road in Belfast. Emma has been using the same head shot on her profile since opening the business and decided it was time she updated as lots of friends commented that her profile picture was lovely but did not really capture her style.   Emma's previous head shot.

Emma lyons solicitors

As Emma owns the company it was important to her to have that professional look but also wanted to show a little bit of her personality.  We shot a mixuture of looks on various backgrounds and even added a little wind machine into one to create the more fashionable look.  We love how the final images turned out.

Emma lyons solicitors corporate headshot 1

Emma lyons solicitors corporate headshot 2

Emma lyons solicitors corporate headshot 3

Emma lyons solicitors corporate headshot 4

Is it time for an update your profile image for your business, social media, Linked In or even an online dating site.   Let us capture the real you with a fashionable, professional headshot.

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