Mini Easter Sessions

Mini Easter Sessions

Easter is my favourite time of year.  It is a time of birth, new beginnings and life.  At home as a child, both my parents preferred Easter over Christmas.  I have so many happy memories of Easter which is probably where my deep seeded chocolate cravings come from.  Yesterday my niece Amy came into the studio to start off the Easter portraits.  Amy is aged 4 and loved it.  

When I was her age and throughout childhood my sister Brenda and I got a Quality Street Easter Egg.  It sat on the fireplace tempting us for a week.  It had a gold wrapper on it and the picture above depicts how much magic I thought was in that golden egg.  The anticipation to see what was inside was immense.  On Easter Sunday morning,  Brenda would run down the stairs before we got out of bed, I would jump into bed beside her and we would open the golden eggs.  Its strange that I always found the treasures of the individually wrapped sweets but Brenda always had an empty egg.  She was older and had worked out how to open the box and unwrap the egg and get the sweets from inside, and rewrap it all up again so mum would not know.  Eggs today are not nearly as much fun.  They stick a flake or a bar of standard chocolate in the box but not in the egg. 

Easter spring portrait

Easter bonnets and baskets have been a tradition for years.   Its only in these young years that you can dress up little girls in pretty Easter clothes with bonnets and Easter baskets.   These portrait sessions are really suitable for little ones who love the magic of life and know how to be joyful (which so many of us struggle with as we get older).  Back then life was so simple. It was easier to let the imagination run wild as you run wild yourself and found wonder in everything and knew you were gorgeous in your Easter dress and bonnet.  You had not started to worry about the size of your thighs  or if you were pretty enough, tall enough, smart enough etc.  

Easter bonnet

The scene in the backgroound of these photographs was created and painted by the highly acclaimed artist Michael Murray.  We were so lucky to catch him between commissions where he travels the world creating art for films, theme parks or one of pieces for the uber wealthy and famous.   The scene was painted for our up and coming fairy sessions the week after easter.  All the slots for these have been booked up weeks ago.  The theme we gave Michael was Unicorns.  We have been working with horses alot with Tullynewbank Stables and have incorporated unicorns in a few shoots recently.   After the Fairy day we will run a few unicorn days to get full use out of this amazing piece of art.

Unicorn portraits

Easter Monday every year, we boiled up eggs with teabags to make them a darker colour which allowed us to decorate them in chalk.   We met with our cousins and aunts and rolled the eggs down the hill.  Picnics were laid out on the blankets, we ran up and down the hill with the eggs until they were a mulch at the bottom.  Its strange how all the memories are of hot dry days.  I am sure there were many wet and cold days but they are no longer in my memory.  We probably would not have gone out on those occassions if I know my mother well.  There is not a mission she would do a picnic in the rain.  It's because of the way our memories work that I think these type of portraits are so important.   Come in for a portrait with you little one in his or her Easter clothes.  Do something memorable and exciting this Easter and the images are going to bring back a memory of joy that will live in that child forever.  That is why this image below is my favourite from the photo shoot.

rolling eggs at easter

When working with children we love to capture their personality.  Amy is a character and always has alot to say.  Yesterday was full of fun in the studio.   We gave her some daisy's and asked her to smell them.  This is her exaggerated smelling.  When I showed her this photograph, she told me it was her kissing her Daddy.  Einstein quoted that:  "The true sign of intelligence is not knowlege but imagination".  Looks like this girl is going to be one intelligent girl.

kissing and smelling flowers

Amy has watched the unicorn scene being painted for weeks and wanted to know when she was going to be a unicorn.  So we got her a unicorn onesie for the shoot.  My sister called into the studio and Amy called out to her "Brenda, you are going to be so happy and excited when you see me.  You will be smiling all day"  Of course she was right.  Now that I look at these photographs, they are going to be my screen saver.  If I feel down, I just know that this photograph will have a magical power to make me smile.  

unicorn girl easter eggs

Happy easter

Easter bunny

Anyone connected to Amy will treasure these photographs of her and that amazing personality.  Do you have a little girl or boy who loves Easter.  This week is Easter week and we will be shooting these all week.   To get booked in call the studio on 028 90 611 488 or text 07590046217 or email or facebook us.  She shoots are only £20 for up to half an hour in the studio and includes a 7x5 mounted print from the session.

Have a chocolate fun filled Easter with an abundance of joy and life.

Annette and the team at 4Ever Photos. xx

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