Bellingham Castle Weddings

Bellingham Castle Weddings

With so many venues for weddings around Ireland, as a wedding photographer, you get to travel alot and see alot of wedding venues.  It is unusual to be in the same venue two days in a row and even stranger to be in the one venue 3 weddings in a row.  This is what has happened this last week.  Each wedding was stunning and I could not pick one to blog, so I have decided to show the diversity of Bellingham Castle for wedding photographs.  Three very different brides and styles.  This is why each wedding is unique and exciting.  First is Claire and Ryan who were married in St Peters' in Lurgan and then travelled to Bellingham Castle.  

Bride getting ready for a wedding in Bellingham Castle

Bride and Flowergirl dress

Claire was so pleased with the service at Petticoat Lane in Hillsoborough for getting the flowergirls dress in on time for the wedding as it is part of the 2017 range. We should be seeing alot more of this floral fabric in weddings in 2017.  When you have a little girl, the wedding day is huge for both bride and her daughter.  I love this shot of her wearing her mums fab gold heels with the angel wing backs. 

Angel wing bridal shoes on little girl

When Claire was ready, she did the big reveal as she walked down the stairs.  Her daughter was so excited to watch.

Little girl watches mummy walking down the aisle on her wedding day

Emma and Ryan were married in Newry Cathedral and later held their reception in Bellingham Castle.  Emma was so elegant in her delicate couture gown and Jimmy Choo shoes. 

Reflection in door of bride

As Emma was dressed, her dad handed her a glass of champagne.  I love this natural shot as she sipped the champagne.  This is a reflection on one of the doors and I just love the feel of it.    As Emma left her family home, we captured this beautiful image showing off the back of the dress.

Leaving home to get married in a couture taupe wedding dress

While we were photographing all this elegance and regal styling, the boys were up to something much different.  Ryan farms sheep. He bought the boys new huntsmen wellies and their morning starting in the fields

Groom shepherd herding sheep before wedding

The third wedding was Sinead and Pascal.  They got ready on Bellingham Estate on the grounds of the castle in The Coach House.  Anyone getting married in Bellingham Castle  should really consider the Coach House.  I will let the photographs do the talking.

Shabby chic wedding style


Vintage bride at The Coach House getting ready at Bellingham Castle

The staircase, landing, bedrooms and hall were all opulent, huge and designed to allow in the most beautiful light. 

Staircase at the Coach House Bellingham Castle

Downstairs there was a large conservatory area where the girls had breadfast prepared, and area for hair and make up and still lots of room for lounging around. 

The coach house for wedding preparations on Bellingham Estate

Leaving Bellingham Estate in a Bentley to get married

Just as we were about to get into the car to head to the church, we spotted a rope swing hanging from a tree.  We just had to use it for a quick photograph.

Wooden swing at Bellingham Estate

After the weddings we headed straight for Bellingham Castle for the wedding photographs.  Below is a selection of wedding photographs from each of the weddings to showcase the amazing wedding venue of Castle Bellingham.  Autumn is my favourite time of year and each day was dry and allowed us to use the stunning backdrop and captue the fabulous colours.  

Entrance gates for weddings at Bellingham Castle

Lifts and kisses at Bellingham Castle for happy couple

1950's style wedding at Bellingham Castle walking down the path

Autumn Colours for weddings around Bellingham Castle

Bria Party at Bellingham castle

Walking around the grounds of Castle Bellingham in wedding dress

Happy couple at the bridge in Bellingham Castle

Back of Castle Bellingham for weddings

Castle Bellingham wedding couple on the grounds

Inside Castle Bellingham on wedding day

Kissing on stairs of Bellingham Csstle

Entrance Hall Castle Bellingham

Bride looking out windows of Castle Bellingham

Dungeons Bride in Castle Bellingham

Red ivy on Bellingham Castle with pretty woman style photograph

Wedding couple standing at the gates of Bellingham Castle

Showing hips and shape on stairs of Bellingham Castle

Black and white floor with wedding couple at Bellingham Castle

Wedding couple in the winery at Bellingham Castle

Windows bride at Bellingham castle

Groomsmen at wedding at Bellingham Castle

Happy couple on wedding day at water at Bellingham Castle

casual groom walking the grounds of Castle Bellingham

Sunset wedding at Bellingham Castle Ireland

Reflection wedding couple at Castle Bellingham

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