Tullyglass House Hotel Wedding

Tullyglass House Hotel Wedding

Williams wedding was always going to be a huge celebration.  He is the youngest boy after 9 girls.  One of his sisters has been a friend for a long time and it is always lovely to photograph families that you have known for years.   There were a few themes for the day.  The invitations were in a Fairytale style.  William had found his princess.  As William is 6'8" tall and almost as wide, he is indeed a big handsome prince to Catherina.  

Fairytale wedding stationary

Catherina was brought up around stables and competed in horse riding most of her life.  Her dad, used one of the jumps from the stables to make a seat which she used for a few shots around the house.  It is always lovely to make things personal on your wedding day.  It really helps tell your story.  Everyones story is unique. 

Beautiful bride with veil in Tullyglass Hotel

Lace veil around brides face in Tullyglass hotel

Mum and Dad with bride before she leaves home

Wedding at horse stables

The theme for the wedding day was floral.  Catherina wore fabulous floral shoes and the guys ties and handkerchiefs had a soft floral pattern.

floral themed wedding accessories shoes and ties

As Catherina and her Dad were getting into the car, one of the neighbours came out with a shotgun and fired shots over the car as they left for the church - hence the name "shotgun wedding"

Shotgun wedding over bridal car

Bride and groom at stained glass window

Wedding cars at Tullyglass hotel ballymena

When we arrived at the Tullyglass Hotel, there were Strawberry Daquiris, champagne, canapes and a host of food and drink served as the guests entered the reception area.  The clouds also started to darken and it was not long before the rain had us inside.  Between the showers, we were able to grab a few outdoor shots

Tullyglass wedding reception with canap├ęs

Doorway at Tullyglass Hotel

Wedding couple at Tullyglass Hotel

As I said earlier, William has 9 sisters.  He is the baby of the family.   You cannot even imagine how adored this boy is.  There was a great sense of excitement on the wedding day with all his sisters and extended family there to wish the happy couple all the luck and good fortune for the future. 

Groom and all his sisters at Tullyglass Hotel in Ballymena

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