50 Shades Wedding in Balmoral Hotel Belfast

50 Shades Wedding in Balmoral Hotel Belfast

Alanis Morisette "It's like rain on your wedding day" was the tune on everyones mind in August at Frances and Jamie's wedding.  It was the wettest day I have photographed in a long time.  There was no rest from the lashing rain all day.   This was not the first time I shot these guys.  11 years ago I photographed this couple at Rathmores school formal in the Culloden Hotel.   It was great to be part of their wedding day. 

Fashionable groom before his wedding avoiding the rain and quirky grooms mens mopping the rain

The rain was so torrential that the guys had to stand with mops at the door of the churdh and mop up the puddles of rain as guests arrived drenched..   Although even on a wet day, you can still get great photographs, and Frances looked stunning in her vintage lace style dress and lace edged veil. 

Stunning bride in her vintages lace style dress and lace edged veil

Beautiful bride and fashionable groom in vintage photo shoot before their wedding

The little flowergirls had great fun bouncing on the bed while everyone got ready.

Funky flower girls having fun

The difficult part of the day was getting Frances in and out of the car dry.  The driver brought the car as close to the door of her house and the chapel as he could.  

Father and Daughter before heading to the wedding on a rainy summer day

With lots of umbrellas and help from everyone, she made it up the aisle pretty dry and the ceremony was very romantic and spiritual.  With one of the singing priests as the celebrant, you know the music is going to be pretty special. 

Beautiful wedding with fashionable groom and glamorous bride

We had planned to go into Belfast for cool city shots and photographs at Jamies family shop but the weather prevented us from doing any of this.  As the church was local and the reception was in the Balmoral Hotel which was also local, we had the opportunity to go to our studio for a few shots of the bride and groom.   The week of the wedding was the same week that all the hype and the launch date was released for the new 50 shades movie.  On a wet day you have to be a bit more creative.  So we went into the boudoir studio and did some shots on the bed.  Jamie is very rugged and masculine, so we thought it would be appropriate to do a little Christian Gray shot.  I love it. 

Quirky photo of the newly married couple

We got other great shots in the studio but this one is my fav.  

Retro photo of the stunning couple after their wedding

We then drove to the Balmoral Hotel on Blacks Road for a few family shots, cake and speeches.   The Balmoral have really put alot into the two function rooms.  They room look really fantastic on a wedding day.  The staff are friendly and the food is always served on time and with great efficiency.   This means, your guests get fed quickly and the party begins on time.  

Glamorous and vintage looking wedding reception at the Balmoral Hotel

Funky photo of the stunning bride and groom with 2 quirky flower girls at the Balmoral Hotel

This Sunday 12th September is the Bridal Fayre in the Balmoral Hotel.  We will be exhibiting at the show. Come along for a chat and discuss your wedding with Roisin who will be looking after the stand this weekend.  Look forward to meeting lots of new couples who are planning their big day.  

Congratulations to Frances and Jamie on their recent wedding and for being such good sports on such a wet, miserable day. A special thanks has to go to Jamie for allowing us to remove his tie and cover him in lipstick. 

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