Newborns to Nuptials

Newborns to Nuptials

Last week I met two little 5 year olds again - Fiachra and Aoibh. They were pageboy and flowergirl at their aunts wedding.  

Stylish page boy and fashionable flower girl on their aunts wedding day walking up the aisle.

The day I met these two little twins is still one of my favourite moments.  We were all sitting in the studio working away and no portraits due in until later that day.  The door opened and a tall handsome man stood there with 2 baby car seats.  "I want my babies photographed" he said.  At first we thought we had not booked someone in corectly into the system or there had been a mix up.  After a few questions we worked out that he and his wife had tried for 14 years for a baby.  His wife Roisin was still in hospital but they had let Gavin take the two babies home.  He was so proud of this moment, that he thought he would love a good photograph taken of him and his babies.  

Newborn portraits are very popular over the past few years but 5 years ago it was not so in vogue.  These were brand new babies, not even home yet and we went into the studio and captured some beautiful images.  This was my favourite from the shoot.  

Father holding his two newborn children

It still hangs on our wall in the hallway of the studio.  Having been married for 19 years and having tried for children for many of them, I know how monumental this moment would have been for Gavin and I was so privileged to have been part of telling their story.  I have photographed them a few times since for their birthdays and celebrations and it was lovely to meet them again walking up the aisle as flowergirl and pageboy.  Hopefully one day I will stand at the top of the aisle and capture them in another big chapter of their life. 

Beautiful bride standing under stunning chandelier.  Fashionable flower girl holding a bright red flower.

And I can't leave out the beautiful bride and groom from this post.   

Stylish groom and beautiful bride after their wonderful wedding.

Stunning couple together after their wonderful wedding in an overlooking photo.

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