Viva Espana - Irish Wedding in 5 star luxury

Viva Espana - Irish Wedding in 5 star luxury

Northern Ireland wedding takes place in Spain.  Georgina Doran left Belfast when she was 19. She started an online travel company and has never looked back.  She found her handsome husband Phil whilst in Spain and got married in October this year

.Spanish Wedding Melia Hotel

We photographed her sister Katrinas wedding in April this year in her City Centre Chic Wedding in the Europa Hotel in Belfast.  When Georgina saw the photographs, she phoned to ask would we fly over to Spain.  As you can imagine, it did take too much persuasion to have us on that flight.   With her organisational skills and knowledge of the travel industry, all 150 guests and those like ourselves taking part in the wedding were chaperoned and chauffeured to all the locations on time.

Bride and mum

Georgina got ready in the 5 star Melia Hotel.  The lighting and architecture at this hotel was a photographers dream.  unfortunately, I only got to take a few shots here but the ones I got were stunning.  (Check out the blue archway image - this was in the hotel).

5 star melia hotel benidorm

All the boys


Bride arrives by boat to ceremony

We left the hotel and took a short taxi ride to a boat and travelled by boat to the wedding location.   All the guests were standing along the pier to watch Georgina arrive.  Just before we got off the boat, the guests were asked to take their seats.  The bridal party walked from the jetty up to the wedding area.  The steps were covered in red carpet and rose petals and the ceremony took place in a large bandstand

Here comes the bride

gallery of guts at wedding

After the ceremony, the bride and groom walked down the red carpet to a shower of rose petal confetti.  Each guest got a little cone of rose confetti to join in the celebrations.  The band played from a romantic little balcony and the catering staff arrived with drinks and canapes.  The party had  begun.   In the blistering head, the drinks were a welcome sight.   The band played throughout the day, we photographed in the surrounding area, staying close to the party, then we were all taken to the dinner area which which was located amongst the groves.   There were so many courses of food and drink that it lasted for hours.  As people got merrier, the food got better and everyone was ready for the speeches.  The sun had gone down, the twinkly lights were on and we sat and listened to the men and the grooms hilarious observation of the ways of Norn Iron.

confetti petals bride and groom spain

Confetti shower

Spanish hacienda

spanish architecture

Beautiful couple spanish wedding

Bride on jetty

Bridal party in span

Family shots

Rapunzel Bride

irish spanish wedding

We left the party soon after the first few dances as we had to fly to London for a compulsory training day.  Oh how we would have loved to have stayed on for the following days barbeque at Georgina and Phils home.  The party was jumping and alive as we left, the open bar was being used but not abused  and everyone had an unforgettable day.

Table setting in spain


bride and groom dancing






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