Newborn Baby Photography

Northern Ireland Baby Photographer of the year 2012

Go forth and multiply... creating new life is the very essence of our being.  

A new baby is a wonderful miracle.  Even after all the thousands of years  we have been on this planet, to see the tiny toes of a newborn baby fills you with awe. Unfortunately we do not remember that look of awe and excitement on our parents faces, the wonderment of comparing sizes of hands and feet.

That is why these photographs are a priceless gift you are giving to your child.  You will love them now as a young mother or father, but really you are only minding these images for 30 years.  These formative years are so important to be captured as time goes by so quickly and that next milestone is passed.  Before you know it, the newborn is walking and talking.  


Newborn shoot when baby is around 9-14 days old.  Range of classical and contemporary shots along with creative backdrops.

Suitable For:

Newborn Babies
We recommend parents attend shoot for intimate shots
Siblings may also be included (remember to bring things to keep them amused as this session can take up to 2 hours)


Photo shoot with a 10x8” Framed print for parents plus 25 Announcement Cards using your favourite image of baby

Time: Up to 2 hours – newborns set the times for eating, sleeping, feeding, nappy changes so we allow this time to ensure we get the best images.

Availability/How to Book:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – Phone as soon as baby is born to schedule a time around 9-14 days old

Viewing Options:

Private viewing in studio 2 weeks after shoot

If you would like to get in touch with us about any of our services, simply click on the button to the right and fill in the enquiry form.  A member of the team will respond as quick as they can and we hope to see you in the studio in very near future.

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